• Image Extraction and Search — Why image plays an important role in IC design and layout? How Anchor’s Pattern-Centric Technology can help? ... [more]
  • Care Area Generation for BFI and EBI — Why we need care area? As lithography technology continuously shrinks to 20nm and beyond, the defect number becomes a significant issue in wafer manufacturing inspection. [more]
  • Parameterized Pattern Search — Why do we need pattern search technology? Why is parameterized pattern search a game changer? ... [more]
  • Design Based Defect Filtering and DOI Classification — What is wafer hotspot and how are they managed? How is filtering and DOI classification defect performed? ... [more]
  • Hotspot Pattern Library — What is a hotspot pattern library? What are the critical roles the Hotspot Pattern Library can play? ... [more]
  • NanoScope PRV and Pattern Grouping — grouping makes OPC hotspot review and fix much easier. Why NanoScope-PRV™ is the Solution? ... [more]
  • The 2nd International Prolith Technical Symposium, April 23, 2014 in Beijing, China
    Anchor Semiconductor is proud to join effort with Beijing Institute of Technology, as the co-organizer again of this informative technical symposium in Beijing. ... [more]
  • AHS release (Anchor hotspot solution ), September , 2013 —
    A systematic way to detect, validate, monitor and clear hotspot patterns ... [more]
  • Prolith Technical Symposium, Sept 12 ~ 13, 2012 in Beijing, China
    Anchor Semiconductor is the distributor in China for KLA-Tencor's Computational Lithography family of products. Anchor is honored to joined effort with Beijing Institute of Technology ... [more]
  • Anchor Semiconductor China Technical Symposium, May 23, 2012 in Shanghai, China — Layout pattern dependent hotspot is a major yield killer for advanced technology nodes. Semiconductor industry has been struggling to find effective solutions ... [more]
  • Anchor @ Korea, March 21, 2012, Technical Symposium on Pattern-Centric Hotspot Yield Solutions — Anchor is proud to present technology in Hotspot yield management solutions addressing challenges in hotspot identification ... [more]

Semiconductor industry has been facing great challenges with growing inter-dependency of IC design and pattern fabrication while experiencing skyrocketing cost of ownership from process development to high-yield volume production.

As an industry pioneer, Anchor Semiconductor provides unique pattern-centric solutions in Design-based Manufacturing Optimization to help foundries and IDMs facing these and other coming challenges.

Anchor's diverse product portfolio can be used for the following applications.

  • Systematic defect and hotspot pattern identification and validation to accelerate process and product yield ramp up
  • Hotspot monitoring and defect classification in wafer process
  • Equipment efficiency enhancement especially in wafer inspection and metrology